AWS Migration

AWS migration is the process of migrating on-premises workloads to Amazon Web Services. It is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing solutions and APIs for business owners, individuals, and even government agencies. If you are looking for a company that specializes in this type of cloud migration, look no further than Pinnacle Technology Partners. We can coordinate large-scale server migrations and get the job done effectively and efficiently.

How Does AWS Migration Work?

Today, over two quintillion new bytes of data are generated on a daily basis. With so much data around, cloud migration has risen to be the ideal solution to move any workload, e.g., physical/virtual servers, databases, websites, and applications, from Point A to Point B. The former may refer to a public cloud, hosting facility, or on-premises environment. The latter is none other than AWS.

Below are some key areas that PTP covers when we provide AWS migration services for our customers:

Conducting Financial Assessments: We determine the potential cost of moving data to the AWS cloud via careful and detailed analysis.

Conducting Security and Compliance Assessments: We help customers understand the different risks and threats of moving datasets to the cloud. PTP also determines which types of data should remain on-premises.

Conducting Technical and Functional Assessments: We assess which applications are more suited to the cloud architecturally and strategically.

Selecting and Implementing the Right Migration Tools: We help customers choose the best migration tools to move data through technology partners and networks. This way, businesses can overcome physical limitations that come with migrating data from on-premises locations into the cloud.

Selecting the most Beneficial AWS Cloud Storage Options: We help customers select an appropriate storage solution by considering the overall cost, latency performance, cache-ability, update frequency, size, and accessibility.

Migrating Applications: PTP employs various strategies to migrate data from physical machines to the cloud without disconnecting the application. We strive to complete the migration process to AWS Cloud without causing major disruptions.

Benefits of AWS Migration

It is estimated that over one-third of data will pass through the cloud by 2020. Here's a quick look at the benefits of AWS migration:

  • Faster disaster recovery rate

  • Reduced infrastructure costs

  • Modernized IT asset base

  • Prepared to face the future

  • Increased business agility

  • Secure and resilient IT environment

  • Reduced business risks

Today, AWS has helped thousands of organizations, including the Coca-Cola Company, General Electric (GE), Twenty-First Century Fox, and Samsung, free-up resources, improve operational resiliency, and lower IT costs. All the enterprises did was migrate to the cloud.

According to Amazon Web Services, the business value you get from migrating to AWS include:

  • 31% infrastructure cost savings on average

  • Boosting IT staff productivity by up to 62%

  • Reducing application downtime by 94%

  • Delivering three times more features per year

Choose Pinnacle Technology Partners for Outstanding AWS Migration Services

You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that Pinnacle Technology Partners is accredited by the AWS Partner Network (APN). As an advanced consulting partner, we do not only help our customers move to the AWS cloud. We help them maximize the opportunity as a catalyst for efficiency, agility, and growth. Our AWS migration services are designed to elevate your business by optimizing key aspects of your operations for the cloud, i.e., your data, applications, infrastructure, and people.

If you are looking to consult with our AWS migration team, don't hesitate to contact us today. You may call Pinnacle Technology Partners at 617.297.9670 or email us at


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