Azure Migration

Gain easy access to a comprehensive collection of integrated services when you migrate your applications into the cloud with Azure! Shifting to Azure can be a huge step for any business as it involves changing several frequently used processes. The long-term benefits of Azure Migration includes increasing the speed of innovation, productivity, and security. Azure Migration also provides improved disaster recovery and can offer a more flexible way to manage your data today.

What is Microsoft Azure and How Does It Work?


Microsoft Azure is a platform of interoperable cloud computing services. These services include open-source, standard-based technologies and proprietary solutions from Microsoft and other companies. Unlike traditional data centers or on-premises servers, Azure’s billing is based on the amount of resources used by the customer. Because Azure is based on cloud usage, individuals do not incur costs of server cooling requirements, large maintenance costs, electricity costs and the use of floor space that on-premise data centers demand.


The cost of the services and storage types offered by Azure Cloud Services varies. Storage type prices, for example, are based on the distribution and redundancy options. 

Below are some key areas that Pinnacle Technology Partners covers when we provide Azure migration services for our customers: 

Assessment & Planning: Using specialized tools, PTP will assess the existing environment that your database is in and provide the appropriate solutions and advice for implementing Azure migration.


Design: We will design a cloud architecture that will be catered to meeting the needs of your enterprise and critical business continuity objectives. Likewise, we will also align our design toward the enterprise’s security policies and implement the best practices in the market. 

Migration: In accordance with our methodology, PTP ensures that critical architecture and applications are correctly constructed and rigorously tested to ensure that your enterprise does not have any issues when using them. We are dedicated toward providing a platform that works perfectly once implemented, and that exceeds your expectations. 

Benefits of Azure Migration

The Microsoft Azure Cloud Service platform accounts for 16.8% of the global cloud market, making it the second most used cloud service on the market. Here is a quick look at the benefits of Azure migration:

  • Secure and resilient IT environment

  • Reduced infrastructure costs

  • Faster disaster recovery rate

  • Reduced business risks

  • Prepared to face the future 

  • Modernized IT asset base

  • Increased business agility

Choose PTP for Outstanding Azure Migration Services

PTP provides exceptional Azure Migration Services for businesses and organizations. We believe that by moving into an Azure Cloud ecosystem, we can empower businesses in building up their productivity, efficiency, and their agility in dealing with challenges. Our Azure migration services are designed to bring your data management to another level by utilizing certain services offered by Azure. 

Today, Pinnacle Technology Partners has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89, 99.75% Service Level Performance (SLA), over 15,000 best practice checks, and has resolved nearly 92% of all the security events we have undertaken.

If you want a consultation with our Azure migration team, don't hesitate to contact us today. You can also call Pinnacle Technology Partners at 617.297.9670 or email us at

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