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If you’re looking to migrate to the cloud as a way to transfer your company’s data from legacy infrastructure into something more modern and accessible, look no further than Pinnacle Technology Partners to help you out. Our team is made up of top of the line cloud experts and industry vets, ready and willing to provide you with the expertise you need for safe, secure, and fast cloud migration.

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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, or other business/IT processes from a legacy hardware or software system onto a cloud computing space. This could mean having a company move their onsite servers and applications to a cloud-based hosting provider or switching from one cloud platform to another (also known as cloud-to-cloud migration or a lift-and-shift migration).

There are plenty of reasons enterprises choose to migrate to the cloud, some of which include accelerating the pace of application development, improving performance and reliability, avoiding large capital expenses and enhancing overall security. That said, it is essential that companies partner with the right tech team to ensure a smooth, hiccup-free process.

Pinnacle Technology Partners makes cloud migration simple and easy. From assessing the current workload to analyzing the type of applications being used, our group provides cost effective, easy to manage cloud migration services for all.


Areas of Expertise

Pinnacle Technology Partners has years of experience providing cloud migration with

  • Public Cloud providers including AWS Migration and Azure Migration

    • Public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure offer cloud migration services for private or dedicated networks. They can also facilitate offline migrations in the event that a company decides to opt for migration without using the internet.

  • Hybrid Cloud Migration

    • A hybrid cloud environment combines the use of the public cloud (IaaS platform), a private cloud, or an on-premises legacy data center. Hybrid cloud migration allows companies to use onsite private clouds to host their most sensitive data while using a public cloud to offer employees flexibility and growth opportunities.


Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

While companies may worry that they’ll lose control their environments after migrating to the cloud, the reality is that cloud migration actually allows your team to manage mobility, monitoring, and workload deployment issues even better from a single location. It will be more efficient than ever to track activities, saving you time and money.

One of the benefits of hiring Pinnacle Technology Partners is that our cloud migration services help reduce infrastructure complexity. By working in tandem with your company, we’ll assess your needs and identify which services will fit you best. Our cloud migration allows your company to test and deploy applications quickly and efficiently.  We also offer automated deployment options to eliminate performance and compatibility issues. All of these features facilitate the scalability you need as your company grows.


Choose Pinnacle Technology Partners for Exceptional Cloud Migration Services

At Pinnacle Technology Partners, we are an Advanced Consulting Partner of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Our company has years of experience helping businesses better govern, optimize, and secure their mission-critical cloud environments. When you work with PTP, enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we will cover all of the technical aspects of cloud migration.

To date Pinnacle Technology Partners has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89, 99.75% Service Level Performance (SLA), over 15,000 best practice checks, and has resolved nearly 92% of all the security events we’ve undertaken.

Since our inception, PTP has been recognized for our PeakPlus CONTROL and PeakPlus SECURE platforms. In addition to helping businesses manage and secure their cloud environments, we also offer the customized visibility you need on a daily basis. We provide actionable reports on performance, cost optimization, availability, as well as security and compliance. You can count on us to monitor your AWS environment 24x7x365 and protect you from costly threats and data breaches.

For any questions about our cloud migration services, don't hesitate to contact us today. Call Pinnacle Technology Partners at 617.297.9670 or email us at



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