Duo Security
Multi-Factor Authentication

Verify the identity of all users with strong multi-factor authentication BEFORE granting access to business-critical information!

81% of hacking incidents used weak or stolen passwords!*


It's no longer safe to assume that all the mobile and remote users accessing your network are who they say they are and their devices are secure.

Enter PTP's Managed Services team and the Duo solution. 

  • Secure all Applications

  • Verify End-User Identities

  • Quickly Deploy

  • Reduce Help Desk Costs

Because everything is set up and managed in the cloud, there is no hardware to install. No software to maintain. And nothing ever needs to be manually updated.

PLUS, our security experts will actively monitor critical alerting, 24x7x365, and escalate threats…before they become catastrophes.

Seamless and secure access

Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution verifies user identities before they can access internal applications. Duo offers native integrations with remote access solutions including Cisco AnyConnect VPN, Microsoft Remote Desktop and many others. With Duo’s MFA, users can confirm their identities within seconds; reducing security and compliance risks for the organization.

Flexible, risk-based security policies

In addition to MFA, Duo provides flexible security policies to enforce at the time of access. IT admins can enforce policies
based on user and device attributes such as: user group, location and their device security posture. Duo’s policies
help IT admins reduce and manage security risks by specifying who is allowed to access internal applications
and under what conditions.

Consistent user experience

Duo provides a consistent experience for all users accessing internal applications to improve user productivity. To access applications, users can authenticate instantly with Duo Push or one of several other authentication options made available by IT admins.

* Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 10th Edition

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