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The evolution of technology is consistently and rapidly progressing. One of the many advances which is growing increasingly popular among individuals and corporations alike is cloud computing. Cloud computing provides personalized options to offer a broad suite of services that cater to your exact business application demands, extending far beyond basic cloud computing and storage.   While dynamic resource allocation was an early draw to cloud the capabilities now extend to advanced data analytics, machine learning, IoT, serverless computing and more.  This can be managed at any time and location.

Working on the cloud provides employees with remote access allows for quicker and more efficient completion of tasks and assignments. Because every worker can securely access the information they need via the cloud portal without having to commute, this system offers unique resources to increase productivity.

About Norfolk County, Massachusett

Norfolk County is located in the U.S. state of Massachusetts and has a population of 705,388. Its tough economy is driven by jobs in the technological sector. Massachusetts is ranked first in the country for economic wellbeing, second in economic movement, and tenth in having potential for innovation.

Areas of Expertise


Cloud Migration Solutions in Norfolk County, MA: Hybrid cloud migration requires the utilization of several services consisting of private cloud, on-premises, and third-party with proper arrangement amid the two platforms.

Cloud Operations and Enablement Solutions in Norfolk County, MA: Security configuration checks involve monitoring and detecting any vulnerabilities within your network that may enable third parties to gain access to your databases and operating systems.

Enterprise Networking Solutions in Norfolk County, MA: Software defined infrastructure means having software control and manage your cloud without any human intervention. It offers the capabilities of becoming self-aware and self-healing surrounding changes.

Cloud Security Solutions in Norfolk County, MA: Multi-factor authentication is when a computer user will only be granted access after they are able to successfully provide two or more authentication factors.

Infrastructure Modernization Solutions in Norfolk County, MA: Data center transformation is the process of altering a business’ IT infrastructure to better its performance, capabilities, and overall efficiency by mixing cloud computing onto its current data center.

Work with PTP to Optimize, Govern, and Secure Your Cloud Environments in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

We have a team of experienced pioneers with extensive expertise in cloud computing. We have worked with numerous companies on their cloud infrastructure by addressing access, improving standards, maintaining governance, and protecting their overall IT environments. With us in charge, companies can focus on their core business operations to deliver excellence in products and services.

We develop on-premises and cloud networks before configuring them according to your business requirements. You can request for certain access to particular users to put in place that guarantee around security.

Cloud computing can very simply be applied to any IT infrastructure and can be easily configured to comply with your organization’s controls, standards, and policies. The PeakPlus platform consistently monitors and resolves any given security situation while actively reporting further progress.

PTP has a current Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88 and a Service Level Performance (SLA) rating of 99.75%. Our more than 15,000 best practice checks have yielded us a success rate of 91.67% for resolutions. Our team of industry veterans is certified in AWS to provide skilled services in cost-optimization, security and compliance practices at a fraction of the typical costs.

If your business is headquartered in Norfolk County, MA and you are considering cloud adoption, Pinnacle Technology Partners is more than happy to help you embrace these amazing technologies. You can contact us by calling 617.297.9670 or sending an email to

 [GD1]My feeling with the first two sentences is that our target customer, while perhaps not a cloud technology expert, clearly understands cloud, the main vendors, and the inherent opportunity and challenge.  Just want to be careful to not be too elementary.



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