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Plug into our PeakPLUS platform, and get not only the customized visibility you need, but also a team of professionals to help you manage and secure your cloud environment.





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The Goal

What every CFO is looking for.

The goal is simple: reap the speed-to-deployment and flexibility of the cloud, while still maintaining the insight, controls and cost-optimization that directly affects the bottom line. CFOs are happy. Developers are happy. And cloud management doesn't consume all your time.

Can you work 24x7x365 and run over 500
best-practices checks every day?

This is probably not the way you want to spend your time, but it's the way we spend ours. Our PeakPLUS platform continually monitors performance, conducts checks against best-practices, interrogates data for Indicators of Compromise, and provides dashboards and reports on security and compliance, utilization and performance, availability and cost optimization.




It's like plugging an entire team into your operations. At a fraction of the cost.

You could hire a team of industry veterans, who are certified AWS practitioners and skilled in cost-optimization, security and compliance practices. If you can find them. Or, you could just plug us in, and get daily evaluation of platform data, consolidated into monthly reports for execs, IT leaders and admins. Plus, you get a team of AWS architects, sys admins, dev ops and security experts that validate the recommendations and can execute changes on your behalf.

You can't monitor your AWS environment 24x7x365. But we can.


There are too many aspects of best-practices cloud management than you can keep up with: cost-management; utilization allocation and management; security; compliance....

So, why not let PTP's cloud experts take this off your plate? We actively monitor your environment, provide you with critical alerting, and provide actionable performance reports. And we do this 24x7x365.

Robust dashboards and reporting

Just because your cloud environment is managed by PTP doesn't mean you give up visibility. You have access to your dashboards, but you'll also get the benefit of "executive summaries" and critical action-items. So, you don't have to be a slave to the monitor.

Continuous eyes on your enterprise, protecting you from costly threats and breaches.

Managed Cisco Umbrella


In less than a day, the PTP Managed Services team can deploy a cloud security platform for your organization, including content filtering, so that you have the industry's best available first line of defense against malware and other internet threats.  LEARN MORE + FREE TRIAL>>

Managed Duo


81% of hacking incidents used weak or stolen passwords! It's no longer safe to assume that all the mobile and remote users accessing your network are who they say they are and their devices are secure. Enter PTP's Managed Services team and the Duo solution.  LEARN MORE + FREE TRIAL>>

Security Threat Monitoring


A customizable and scalable solution, PTP combines next-generation SIEM technology via Fluency Security with expert resources, mature processes and automation to deliver a highly-engaged security monitoring and escalation service that also addresses logging and compliance needs. 


Vulnerability Management


The vulnerability scanning tools from the PeakPlus platform identify and score threats that can lead to security breaches. 

We arm you with reporting that is clear, concise and actionable, enabling your team to consistently remediate the highest risk vulnerabilities to keep your organization secure.  LEARN MORE + FREE TRIAL>>

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